Violet Asia Co., Ltd

Services just for you...

We strongly believe in working hand in hand to make it successfully.

Event Organizing

We are fully equipped with support affiliates from around asia pacific region to provide value added services requirement for major corporate events.

Photo and Video

Our dedicated team will be glad to serve you with great concepts for your events. We assure the correct corporate images you need.

Tour Packages

Our affiliate tour agency "Golden Discovery Express" is the Top 5 largest tour agency in Bangkok that will bring you around the heart of Thailand.

Graphic Designs

Our graphic designs department are a well build team from various countries that includes Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Europe.

Corporate Image

Stressing on your company's reputation has never been the same as before. We are here to help and assist you in every details.


Our well trained consultant are always ready to provide you with great ideas and concept to boost up your company image.

Our Client's

Special thanks to our valuable clients.